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How did the HCSSC come to be?

The Hollywood Connection Short Screenplay Competition was born from the experience John Venable had writing a series of short screenplays that would feature himself along with three of his friends. These friends, however, just happened to be actors who are known quantities having appeared in critically acclaimed TV shows and films (Charles Baker, Charles Halford, Patrick Sane) . The experience John had creating these characters for these specific actors was a great one. It was a good exercise to write with actors in mind, but knowing for certain that these actors were going to work on these shorts added a level of excitement to the writing process. The HCSSC was created so that other writers, regardless of their level of experience or lack of connections, could experience that excitement as well.

Something inspiring happens when you're writing with someone in mind... the words flow out differently and sometimes the process is easier than just starting from a blank page. We want to offer the opportunity to write like that to everyone and have the ending for our winner be that specific actor actually appearing in your film. No matter if you're living on a huge ranch in Montana, a tiny apartment in Manhattan, or a bungalow right here in Los Angeles, that's what we want to offer to YOU. The chance to write for someone who is a known quantity here in Los Angeles and has done work that's been seen. That's our twist. That's what sets the HCSSC apart. We already have a circle of friends who want to participate and hope that our circle will only grow bigger with each successive competition. But it'll only work if YOU get busy writing and enter your script. CLICK HERE if you're ready to enter now!