What Our Winner
WINS... and more

Our Inaugural Winner

Congratulations to Erich Eilenberger! Erich's script was selected by our judges (including our stars Charles Baker and Brina Palencia) as the winner of our inaugural competition. The decision was not easy as there were several great entries, but it's Erich's short screenplay "First Person" that will be produced as our winner. Thanks again to all who entered and sharing your creativity with us.

Congrats as well to our Finalists and Semi-Finalists!
Montreal Martin
Dannes Zhang

Terri Dawn Arnold
Colin Costello
James Fryar
Jeff Hoferer
Ian Wilson

The Winner's Short List

1) Their script gets produced.
2) They earn money for being the film's writer (call it a cash prize if you wish). The amount is based on what we pay the SAG actor day rate for the film which is $125.
3) They are named a producer on the film, giving them the right as writer/producer to enter the film in whatever festivals they wish.
4) HCSSC will enter the film in a few festivals and pay the entry fee for those festivals. Also, we'll be reaching out to other festivals to partner with us and perhaps waive entry fees for the winning script's short film to be entered in their festival.
5) There is potential that there will be a private screening in Los Angeles of the film once done. If the budget for the winning short allows, an airline ticket will be purchased for the writer to be present at the screening so that cast and crew can have the privilege of meeting our winner.