To get the HCSSC up and running, we used an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds. We will be using the money to promote the contest and to shoot a short film that will be used as a promotional tool for the contest as well. We are forever thankful to our friends, and a few anonymous donors, who thought that the idea for our contest sounded like a good one. Thank you, again, to each and every one of them! Here they are:

Andrew Taylor
Christing Hrachovy Foster
Roger Sampson
Leaton Warren
Jay Gormley
Fred Larucci
LeeAnn Cone
Mark Taylor
Robin Gormley
Shelley Dunn
Jeff Pappas
Kevin Machate
Anthony Akiniz
Jay Hill
Paula Courtney
Melissa Gutierrez
Chris Couch
Tobias Tylus
Renee Rawls
Leah Gawel
Scott Monts
Juan Francisco de la Guardia
Mary Badura
Bruce Payne
Rob Roden
Brian Jagger
Melissa McDonald
Richard Renken
Brian Locke
Joey Chang
Manny Velazquez
Carolyn Hodge
Kyle Kromer
Alec James Milewski
Grant Bingham
Kim Merville
Jennie Rexer
Tracey Coe
Shawna Warren
Gabriel Horn
Mike Cramer
Shane Wheeler
Frieda Austin
Trisha Miller
Wayne & Stacey Barton
Judy Golden
Miaya King
J.P. Miller
Tamara Newren
Max Ary
Erin Esplin